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Schaerer Ltd is a manufacturer of fully automatic coffee machines for private and professional use. It is headquartered in the Swiss town of Zuchwil near Solothurn. The company ranks among the top three largest producers of fully automatic coffee machines. Schaerer develops and manufactures its products in Zuchwil and has around 250 employees. In 2010, the company generated a turnover of more than 100 million Swiss Francs. Schaerer is a member of the WMF Württembergische Metallwarenfabrik AG.

An anonymous user current Schaerer employee recounts his experience working for the company on the "Glassdoor" website on January 17, 2019:

"Cons: Everything... Everyone from the top dog (short dog with his gigantic dog) down is extremely incompetent and unfocused, Stay away. Dead end place, extremely high turnover. Will keep working you while understaffed, does nothing to hold on to good employees."


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Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"If you're looking for a company where your hard work and dedication will pay off, this is certainly not the company for that. Be prepared to have your job constantly threatened by having it "outsourced" if you don't meet the unrealistic quotas that are set (this was overheard several times in the past few weeks). This company has the mentality that attitudes will change with new "managers"... Well, guess what? Attitudes at this company have changed because morale is down to the point where employees don't care anymore. When you take care of your employees, they will take care of your business. However, a certain manager has been heard on several occasions to demean and disrespect their department and to use fear and intimidation instead of encouragement and guidance. "A bad manager can take a good staff and destroy it, causing the best employees to flee and the remainder to lose all motivation." This company also has this cool thing where if you do good work, you get to do other people's work as well. But you won't get appreciation for it nor will you get credit. The new managers will try to take all the credit. Also, they have perfectly well-abled employees that have been employed with the company for years, that should be promoted to lead positions. Instead, they hire external candidates to fill the positions and the current employees are asked to train and support them. If you're looking for upward mobility in this company, you're looking at the wrong company. You can be sure that a new employee will be given a higher position and more pay. As Richard Bronson said, "Train people well enough so they can leave. Treat them well enough so they don't want to." Certain so-called managers that are in charge of 2-3 departments fail to recognize the talent they have on their team and are surprised when the talented employees leave for better opportunities, which just goes to show how clueless management is about the departments they are in charge of. The only thing management has done is create more procedures that do nothing but burden their departments with unnecessary work. And then this manager will walk around trying to be the boss of other departments and act like they have all the answers. Instead of trying to run other departments, this manager should really look into how hard their departments are working: they are drowning in work and and trying to keep up with unnecessary policies. When employees speak their minds about their tasks, a great leader will engage in conversation and try to find solutions for their team: An insecure and fearful manager will throw out words like "insubordination". Guess what kind of managers are hired here at Schaerer? Also, management shouldn't email their team and say that they are lazy and not working. I think John C. Maxwell summarizes this pretty well: "Insecure leaders never develop people. They replace them." The company had previously claimed that they were a paperless company: from the stacks of paper that have been been piling up recently from several departments, it is far from being paperless. They also claimed the open-floor concept would be beneficial and would promote teamwork. However, if you have a question for someone in another department, you are not allowed to ask them. You first have to go to your manager so that they can go to the other department manager and then they will ask the question and relay the answer back to your manager and then pass it on to you. Efficient, right? Also, because of this open-floor plan, you hear every argument between employees and managers and you can hear when someone is getting reprimanded... Even from across the building. All these things are why turnover is extremely high at this company. Negative reviews on this company are completely accurate. The positive reviews are written by new employees who were asked several times to write a review of how great the company is. It's quite comical that they cherry-pick new employees to write reviews, but are afraid to ask seasoned employees to do the same."

Current Employee - General Office says

"Everything... Everyone from the top dog (short dog with his gigantic dog) down is extremely incompetent and unfocused, Stay away. Dead end place, extremely high turnover. Will keep working you while understaffed, does nothing to hold on to good employees."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"They have been, and are currently still, posting for a data entry position that has been filled for months and will just offer you a position in a completely different department. The training wasn't working and I asked to be moved to a different department, preferably the data entry position because I'd been looking at postings again and it was still on Indeed for that role specifically. The supervisor did not assist at all and my "training" consisted of scanning all their documents for a month and a half and not receiving any actual help with doing the job correctly or finding a position I was more suited for. So after 3 written warning for a job I had told the company I was uncomfortable and unequipped to perform accurately, I was fired and another employee who was also struggling in a different department was moved to my position."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"There are a lot of favoritism in this company. Management will give you a hard time if you do not bow down to them. There was no official HR where you can run too. There is not type of confidentiality if you told the hire up's about what is happening in the department. Definitely need to get rid of slackers of the company. Some people never show up to work but still have a job. No room for growth in this company."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"- lack of diversity in upper management. Previously upper management was ethnically diverse and worked well together. After acquisition, people of color have been overlooked for management positions and frankly any type of upward mobility exist for people of color. -Unprofessional communication Frank discussion of innapropriate matters, and lack of respect for other employees. Disrespected and put down in front of other employees. New manager will not hesitate to tell at you, or put you down in front of employees or customers. - Compensation Lack of salary compensation, company has been doing fantastic sales but profits don't reflect pay or benefits"

Former Employee - Bench Tech says

"Safety is a questionable priority, as there is minimal to no safety training of: 220vac handling, fork lift operation, cleaning and spill safety, safety gear such as gloves back braces and goggles, first aid and cpr, and building security, not to forget ocea requirements. Also despite the job description you will have to squat lift over 50lbs sometimes 20-50+ times a day. Management in bench testing has more on their plate than they can handle, while other departments sit back and talk for extended periods. I have been cut burned and splintered multiple times in this position, not to forget exhausting work out in the pouring rain and cramped warehouses. Also HR isn't exactly the best, I went 6 months without getting the dental insurance they promised. I also was the last to have a 3 month probationary period before benefits kicked in. Raises are based upon performance rating of - 0 +, everyone gets 0, those who get - are not affected, no one gets a +. The rating system has no clear parameters, and there is no one supervisor/employee watching over the department, so showing any progress whatsoever is a moot point. Departments are forced to work together without any standard operating procedure, so much time is wasted calling and running back and forth, and even then the lack of communication breaks down into it being "someones" fault. There are literally no status quo's for performance, and also for expected employee behavior. My last point is they seem afraid to fire people based on poor attitude/performance despite multiple warnings and suspensions. Although on the other side of this is there is literally no reward for doing better and being one of a progressive mind."

Customer Service Representative (Current Employee) says

"This is a low pay job, shifts are all over the place, customers mostly upset and in escalations, vendors have not been paid with over due balances 30k+, and employees feel overworked and hostile towards each other as a result. Not a single team meeting happens at the customer service level and managers are not involved to fix anything. The managers should be dividing the work flow from a small company set up into a large corporate setting smoothly by creating teams and assigning actual roles, maybe promoting internally from those who know what needs to be done rather than bringing in new people every Monday and firing them by Friday.Free gourmet coffee and bar downstairsPoor Management"

Employee (Former Employee) says

"Entry level employees are expected to be overworked and are underpaid. Your overworked while managers receive $5000 bonuses for taking credit for your blood and sweat. Meetings consist of lies and so no project or long term milestones can be trusted. Managers make a lot of on-the-fly decisions that you suffer for later on and they make you fix other peoples' mistakes from different departments and projects. No chance for advancement since higher positions are outsourced to new employees or recruiting agencies. Such boring work that will put you in a coma. Stuck at your cubicle all day in a building of over 50 male employees having to share one toilet stall.Free high quality coffeeToo many to list.."

Office (Current Employee) says

"Hectic, stressful, unpleasant, reactive... a few of the many words that can describe this horrid work environment. Management provides no support or answers as they themselves are unsure where the company is headed. Projects are completed, then must be redone with different specs due to improper planning. The management team has no idea how the processes of the company work as many of them have been there for a very short time. This is also due to the surprise mass firings this company has recently conducted where they fired many of the long term employees who understood the processes. Extremely high workload, If you do not want to work 10 hours a day do not work here... and even when you do, your work is not appreciated. Black Friday holiday was cancelled in order to work that day. There are no long term goals, only short term plans that are rushed, done improperly, then quickly forgotten about while the focus shifts to the next 3 fires. New hires are thrown into their noisy desks with no training or even office supplies, it is astonishing the level of unprofessional I see while working here. I've worked for 8 person offices that were far more professional than this 80 person office. An unorganized mess. Very high employee turnover, culture in the office is terrible, rude people, food gets stolen from the fridge, overall a terrible and soul crushing place to work.Espresso MachineEverything"

Warehouse (Former Employee) says

"Bad people in charged don’t respect hardworking people they love back scratchers even if they are stupid and don’t know anything about the job Stay away"

Service Accounting Manager (Former Employee) says

"Discrimination and poor direction from superiors. Commitments from superiors that were not kept. Little or no support or resources to accomplish goals set by superiors. Bonuses promised and not delivered. Skeleton crew is overburdened and overworked.mysogeny"

Clerk (Former Employee) says

"Management is completely incompetent. The company is growing very quickly, but is so incompetently managed that it incurs costs that it could have avoided with proper planning and loses revenue due to poor/non-existent procedures. Management "protects itself" by hiring other managers who are equally as incompetent. Line employees are left to fend for themselves and longer-term employees' suggestions are disregarded. Even though the company is experiencing growth, non-management pay and benefits lag behind while incompetent managers are rewarded with bonuses. The company has great potential. If it were properly managed, it would be a much better place to work."

Mail Clerk (Former Employee) says

"It was a challenge working there. The company was in a transition to go public with stock and making changes to management and what upper management roles needed to be filled, so they cut many positions."

Project Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"The employees are respectful and friendly with each other. Depending on the position offered (tends to not be what you apply for), you may have a very good team. You'll enjoy the day to day, and won't have a lot of down time, and if you do it will pick up. The company is huge, and growing quickly. The problem with the rapid growth is that people move up too fast and have no idea what they're doing when they make management. The upper management that has been there can't get good middle management to support them, and unfortunately have no work-life balance. HR runs this company completely, and your management that works with you daily will have no say in your promotions, raises, or bonuses (don't rely too much on that $100.00). They're constantly hiring lower level people to fill in and pushing the current employees up, until they fail and subsequently getting replaced. The product is great, the insurance is phenomenal, the coworkers are wonderful, and this is 100% a perfect stepping stone into getting training for a better company. If this is your only or final option, I don't recommend staying at this company long-term. Finally, if you are coming in via staffing agency, don't expect to be brought on permanently- it rarely happens."

Project Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"I am grateful for the experience. I was not in a place in life where I was able to be patient with where the company was at the time. I hope they're in a better place because the product is a good product."

Logistics Coordinator/Dispatcher/AP (Current Employee) says

"Schaerer is a great company. The compensation and benefits are generous. They're experiencing huge growth, but most top positions are filled by new hires vs. from within the company. Senior employees seems to be undervalued a bit. Management is out of touch with the day-to-day operations and the current state of the business.Free lunch, great medical benefitsLack of support from management, little to no opportunity for promotions" is a non-profit organization and communications forum for social activism. This website allows users a voice to share their point of view online about what sucks in the world.

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